Lunelle ES70 Spherique

Lunelle ES70 Spherique


The Lunelle ES70 Spherique is an individual soft contact lens for all spherical refractive errors.

Its wide range of parameters and it’s unique ES70 material allows an optimal adaptation to the eye and therefore highest wearing comfort and long wearing times.




The Lunelle ES70 Spherique is available in CouleurSolaire and Visble Tint.


The ES70 Material

The ES70 material used for Lunelle contact lenses is composed of PMMA, which makes it robust and transparent, and PVP, which ensures a stable water content. The production of ES70 material will continuous after the take over by SwissLens. The same laboratorie will produce the row material and blank as before and exclusively availalbe for the Lunelle Products from SwissLens. The material involves the use of the most advanced techniques to obtain the stable material. The development of Essilor's polymerisation technology has proven to provide a very consistent material quality.

PRODUCTION SwissLens uses a high-tech lathing technique to achieve optimum reproducibility. Lunelle contact lenses are systematically inspected at all stages to ensure that the parameters remain the same in the dehydrated state.

Tekniske data:

Sph: +40.00/-40.00 0.25 dpt

BOZR: 7.70 - 9.20 0.30 step

TD: 13.0 - 15.0 0.50 step

Material: ES70

DK: 35

Watercontent: 70%

Geometry: Spherical front and back optic zones - Spheric flattening

Fitting guide for Lunelle ES70 Spherique:

Base curve calculation for the first contact lens
We recommend to chose the Diameter of the lens by adding 2.00 mm to the HVID.

Diameter 13.00 mm = flattest K + 0.50 mm
Diameter 13.50 mm = flattest K + 0.70 mm
Diameter 14.00 mm = flattest K + 0.90 mm
Diameter 14.50 mm = flattest K + 1.10 mm
Diameter 15.00 mm = flattest K + 1.30 mm