Silfa 1 day - Silicone Hydrogel


High Performance Silicone Hydrogel Material


Manufactured from SEED’s silicone hydrogel material, Aerofilcon. Seed 1day Silfa benefits from a low modulus which allows for excellent fitting characteristics and provides all day comfort.

Due to its relatively high water content of 68%, Silfa does not require special surface coatings, unlike many other silicone hydrogel materials,to improve wetting characteristics. Elevated water absorption, combined with marginal lipid adsorption allows for excellent natural wettability and lubricity, which make Silfa more wearable for those patients with drier eyes.
Fingertip Closure Mechanism
Wearers can open the package easily and close it with a touch of a finger. This eliminates the need for hand contact and is a more hygienic way of handling the box.
Lens Marking
To help users distinguish between the inside and outside faces, a lens marking can be found on every lens to ensure the easy handling and safe usage of SEED 1day Silfa.
“Adjustable Parametric Design”

Tekniske data:

· Sph. RX -0.50 / - 12.00* (-6.50 - 0,50D steps)

· BOZR 8.60
· TD 14.4

· Ct 0.09(- 3.00)
· Opticzone 8.50 mm

· Material Silicone Hydrogel - Aerofilcon (FDA Group 3)
· Water Content 58%
· UV Ingrediens Benzotriazole
· Handling tint Blue

· DK 60.0
· DK/T (-3.00) 67.9 (@-3.00DS)

· Fremstillingsmetode Castmoulding
' Lens Marking 1 SF to indicate lens i correct way up)

Leveres i 32 pack - provlinser i 8 pack