Progent Intensiv rens RGP

Taking care of your Menicon GP lenses With Progent every week

The use of Progent once a week is recommended for a more thorough cleaning and to remove protein deposits.

Tekniske data:

Cleaning instructions

Open Progent A and B containers by gently twisting the top of the containers and fill the vial with Progent A and B, careful not to spill.

Rub the lenses, with MeniCare Plus.
Place the lenses in the lens folders on the vial's cap, rinse with MeniCare Plus for 20 seconds.

Put the cap on the vial, tighten, and gently shake for a few minutes to mix the solution. Let soak for 30 minutes.

Open the vial, and thoroughly the lenses with MeniCare Plus.

Rub lenses with MeniCare Plus.