Lacrifresh cleaning 15 ml


Cleaning and moisturizing for contact lens users / Choose your tear.

The ideal tear for all users of contact lenses.

With the appearance of new materials like hydrogel-silicone that tend to attract a greater quantity of lipids and mucins there is the need to use additional solutions to increase comfort, cleanliness, lubrication and lens tolerance.

The exclusive formula of LACRIFRESH CLEANING makes it the ideal tear for users of all kinds of contact lenses since, as well as lubricating like other tears, it removes the deposits that accumulate on the lens during the day.

By simply adding a couple of drops to the eye and blinking, patients will have clean and lubricated lenses without the need for handling. 

Tekniske data:

LACRIFRESH CLEANING solution contains a combination of elements which make it effective:

• Sodium chloride, for tonicity and osmolarity.
• A tampon solution, which controls the solution’s pH so that it adapts to that of the eye.
• PVP 90, a lubricant that helps blinking and avoids friction with the lens.
• Poloxamer, a cleaning agent.
• EDTA, which helps eliminate calcium deposits.
• Polyhexanide, a preservative agent.