Menicon Z Symbio


Recommended Lens Care Solutions

MeniCare Plus

  1. Multi-purpose All-in-One solution for all GP lenses
  2. Its Anti-Microbiological activity ensures effective cleaning and disinfection in only 5 minutes(ISO/CD Standard 14729)
  3. Its unique viscosity ensures outstanding wettability
  4. One bottle of MeniCare Plus 250ml - One free lens case

Menicon Progent

  1. Intensive deposits and protein remover for GP lenses
  2. Very effective anti-microbiological activity
  3. 30 minutes soaking cycle every 2 weeks










Tekniske data:

Overall Diameter 8.8mm 9.2mm 9.6mm
Optic Diameter 97.4mm 97.6mm 97.8mm

Front Optic Diameter and Power Range

0.00~±10.00D 7.5mm
±10.25~±25.00D 7.0mm

Constant Axial Edge Lift 90.08mm 90.09mm 90.10mm
Edge Radius 0.055mm
Center Thickness (at-3.00D) 0.15mm